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Performance Centre

SBR Triathlon Performance Centre is your dedicated triathlon training venue. Regardless of the weather, you can get your training done.

With treadmills, wind trainers, strength and conditioning equipment, everything you need to take your triathlon training to the next level under one roof.

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Bike Servicing

SBR Triathlon has a full-time expert bike mechanic to assist with all your servicing needs. From quick check-ups to complete overhauls, we can help.

Our team can also assist with selection of bikes, purchasing and bike fits. Don't waste valuable time and money - get it right the first time.

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Beginner Program

Many people are simply unsure where to start when it comes to triathlon. That’s ok, we are here to help with that!

Join a 6 week beginner course to get you on your way in this fabulous sport, or even to completing your first triathlon, all with the support of some great new friends.

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2 days ago

Just a quick reminder that Wednesdays run session will be held out the back of Dunlop Pool on the oval ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Just a quick shout out to the guys at Bike Bug Woolloongabba. The lads there have always been helpful with solid advice. I know a few of our athletes deal with these guys and I hope we get to send more business their way. Today I dropped in to get nothing more than 1 tube for one of our junior athletes. Mike the shop manager had none on the shop floor but he said he had some in his personal stash. Two minutes later he handed me 4 tubes!! Free of charge! Now I know retailers can't be giving away stuff all the time. It's a hard game on a good day. But he thanked me for my business so far and I was on my way. Where do you think I'll buy my next round of spare parts from? Thanks Bike Bug! Knowledgeable, prompt service with a sweetener every now and then to keep me coming back. @bikebugaustralia #smartbusiness #iwillbeback ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

The Husky long course weekend is done and dusted and as usual from a race weekend away there's a few stories to tell. I'll start with the great time we had with Kirsty Taylor and Greg Mason. Travelling with people can sometimes be difficult particularly when the pressure of racing is on, but with these two it was a pleasure and we had a lot of laughs!

The serious part of the weekend was the long course triathlon on Sunday. A 2km swim, 83km ride, and 20km run. Huskisson is a beautiful part of the world and even though the weather was looking dicey, come race day it was as perfect as you could ever hope for.

Here are the results at the end of the day...

First home was Greg Mason with a cracking time of 4:38:05 for a 13th place. Greg rides a $1000 bike and came away with the 4th fastest bike split of the day, averaging nearly 38km/h. Very impressive.

Next home was myself in a more leisurely time of 5:29:19. I was happy with my result and I'll elaborate on some of my findings a little later.

Kirsty Taylor was next. What a tough cookie she is. Afraid of open water swimming Kirsty has entered herself into every open water swim she could find over the last 6 months when others would have shied away from their fears. Kirsty has also worked really hard on her bike and it's paying off. Kirsty was home in 6:05:10. As a side note, Kirsty would have cracked into the 5hr bracket if she hadn't taken almost 10minutes in transition. My god girl! What do you do in there? just grab your stuff and go!

Super coach Cooper didn't have the day she was hoping for but as she'll tell you, any time you get to cross the finish line you've had a victory. Coops stopped the clock in 6:09:01

Onto my soapbox now. I've mentioned this before and now I'm convinced. Apart from bike failure or race ending injury, every athlete's result is exactly what they deserve. Greg Mason had a cracking race because he has worked hard. It was no surprise that was his time. It's what he deserved from the type and amount of effort he had put in on the previous few months.

There's no excuses. Athletes need to come to terms with just like the camera, finish time doesn't lie. Accept it and deal with it how you wish.

A week ago I adjusted my goal time from 4:59:59 to 5:26:00 for the race at Husky and in the end I was pretty much spot on. Now why did I adjust it? Simply because I analysed the training I had put in over the previous months and I was not going hit that faster time. No punctures, no bad night sleep, no bad nutrition, no nothing, no excuses. I was not fit enough to do a 4:59 and that was all too evident in my run splits. I aimed for 6min kms (no watch, just feel) which I achieved for the first 10km and then I dove off the edge of the cliff averaging nearly 8min kms for the next ten. Well there staring me in the face is almost all of my adjusted goal time in one 10km section. I can't run 20km at that pace. I tried to convince myself as I ran (shuffled) to each aid station that I was slowing because the coke that was provided was watered down and there was no fruit to fuel me. Or maybe I just went too hard on the bike? Give myself an uppercut! Here's the reality. My swim was solid because I've been working hard on technique and it's paying off. My bike was ok but I was slowing because I'm not strong enough. My run faded badly because I did not do enough work to do any better. That's the simple hard facts.

I have completed over 100 triathlons now and I have pretty much a 100% success rate of getting what I deserve. When you as an athlete dissect your training (this includes mental and nutrition preparation) be brutally honest. Don't sugar coat it. Don't look for excuses. If you haven't been kicking goals in training you're unlikely to kick goals on race day. Accept what is real. Real is your finish time.
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5 days ago

Great swim by Greg. A quick hit of fluids and now time to settle in on the 83km bike leg. ... See MoreSee Less

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6 days ago

Grey skies, thunder, and the odd flash of lightning but spirits are high for the four of us racing at the husky long course triathlon tomorrow. #sbrforlife @eliteenergy_au ... See MoreSee Less

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