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3 days ago

So where to start? What a great weekend and Kingscliff put on a spectacular day for the triathlon today. SBR had 7 athletes racing with quite a lot at stake. Firstly we had Margaret about to embark on her first triathlon in a very long time so nerves were a little on edge (and that was just the coaches!). But we need not have worried because Margaret took it all in her stride and came out of the water with a huge smile that continued right through to the finish line. Next to start was Ash McRae in only her second ever triathlon. Oh to be young, and carefree! Nothing fazes Ash. No race belt? No worries. 1st place? No worries. That’s right, in her 2nd event Ash comes home with a win! That was it for the short course athletes.

Now for the Olympic Distance event. I was first away in the old man age group and soon realised (as the others would later) the famous Cudgen Creek current was not as strong today so there was not going to be any record swims. But that wasn’t my concern. My concern was the speedsters were starting soon and I was being hunted. At each turn Greg Mason was catching and I was slowing. With 1km to go…he got me! Greg went on to tame the Kingscliff course with the fastest time of the day and a 9th place on the back of a crushing bike split. A minute or so later I shuffled across the line. Closing in fast was Brent Cue in his first race back post injury and he had a cracker! Fastest swim and fastest run split of the day Brent should be really happy with his result. Next home a few minutes later was Kyle Kurth. This may be speaking out of school but todays 14th place for Kyle has pretty much guaranteed him a place in the Australian Team for the World Championships later this year in the Netherlands. Needless to say we’re all super proud of Kyle. Coach Cooper had the whole crew cheering her in and carrying a big smile all the way down the finish chute means she had a great race. A strong swim, awesome ride, and a negative split run, no wonder she was happy!

The final wash up is this… 7 SBR athletes came away with 7 PB’s from today’s race. You can't ask for a better day than that!!

For those who love numbers. Below are the finish times and splits…

Margaret Moynahan 48:15 swim 8:14 bike 26:53 run 13:06
Ashleigh McRae 43:40 swim 4:29 bike 24:49 run 14:20
Michelle Cooper 2:45:34 swim 25:07 bike 1:15:48 run 1:04:38
David Tabernacle 2:23:31 swim 22:15 bike 1:08:40 run 51:35
Kyle Kurth 2:24:40 swim 23:08 bike 1:11:43 run 49:58
Brent Cue 2:18:11 swim 21:45 bike 1:11:07 run 45:18
Greg Mason 2:11:17 swim 22:58 bike 1:02:15 run 46:03
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1 week ago

The summer wet has come late this year so it's inside tonight. Almost a full house! ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Tonight some of our athletes had the privilege of hearing first hand from a triathlon champion, and all round great guy, Craig Alexander. Full of practical wisdom about doing the work, learning what's right for you and of course that you can never do too much core.

Thank you to Bike Bug for hosting and to the legend Henk Vogel, Tour de France rider and Australian cycling champion for the interview.
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2 weeks ago

Wow! What a great weekend at the Sunshine Coast. The 2017 Mooloolaba Triathlon was an amazing event. With 13 SBR athletes (11 individuals, 2 in teams) attacking the course it was certainly going to be a busy day. The morning brought absolutely perfect conditions to the delight of most athletes. There were a few nerves as usual but all in all everybody got to the start line in one piece and with everything ready for the day. As the day progressed the winds stayed away but the usual heat made the run a tough place to be. Thankfully there we no disasters and all athletes finished well and with a smile (of sorts). So without any further ado here are the results in finishing order….

Kyle Kurth, who is aiming for Australian selection glory has, in the space of 4 months, cut nearly 25 minutes from his Olympic distance time. On Sunday Kyle streaked home in 2:29:30 with a 27:28 swim; 2:28 T1; 1:09:32 bike; 1:03 T2; 48:58 run for 38th in his age group. Kyle had the fastest run split and the fastest T1 and T2 times by a mile! Guess there will be a few more athletes at transition training to learn from the new Master!

Lars Feldmann the consistent German finished in 2:31:31 with a 29:04 swim; 2:54 T1; 1:08:13 bike; 1:46 T2; 49:33 run for 56th in his age group. He finished fast but ran out of road to catch the young Kurth brother.

Jay Wombwell, otherwise known as the silent trainer. Fastest swim leg of the day and a dodgy calf slowed him on the run but still finished in a very handy 2:38:11 with a 25:26 swim; 3:27 T1; 1:07:19 bike; 2:27 T2; 59:30 run for 80th in his age group.

Josh Hill Was back for his first OD since Ironman last year - this must have felt like a warm up. Fastest bike split of the day (no surprises there) Josh finished in 2:42:08 with a 32:26 swim; 3:15 T1; 1:05:56 bike; 2:04 T2; and a 58:24 run for a 60th in his age group

Tyron Kurth aka Big TJ!! Was upstaged by his little brother (again) in the Kurth Cup but I can see the rage building inside the man mountain. Watch out when this guy lets the handbrake off! TJ did a very respectable 2:42:16 with a 28:14 swim; 2:42 T1; 1:10:53 bike; 1:13 T2; and a 59:12 run to come 42nd in the mates wave.

Bruce Kean. What can you say about this guy? He sets up the club tents for us, gave his race bet to a stranger who didn’t have one and I’m surprised he doesn’t piggy back a few struggling athletes over the line each race. Always on the improve Bruce did a 2:45:17 with a 31:50 swim; 3:02 T1; 1:12:53 bike; 1:58 T2 and a 55:34 run for 84th in his age group.

Eliza Silverwood was the new girl out on course and with her brilliant attitude and perfectly matched gear, had a great day to be the fastest girl home in 2:50:09 with a 29:58 swim; 2:55 T1; 1:13:26 bike; 1:58 T2; 1:01:49 run for 39th in her age group.

Cat McGregor is the only person who rivals my poor training and yet still managed an impressive 2:52:59 with a 29:28 swim; 4:04 T1; 1:15:54 bike; 2:36 T2; 1:00:54 run for 47th in her age group.

Tim O’Neill didn’t have a great Noosa race last year but has come back hard dropping 10 minutes. Finishing in 2:53:56 with a 28:48 swim; 4:04 T1; 1:20:17 bike; 2:05 T2; 1:13:23 run for 45th in the silver fox age group.

Kirsty Taylor off the back of her first half ironman distance recently had ben unwell and was treating the race as a training day. 2 SECONDS KIRSTY!!! 2 SECONDS. Miss Perpetual Motion finished in 3:00:02 with a 34:29 swim; 4:37 T1; 1:16:08 bike; 2:45 T2; 1:02:01 run for 66th in her age group.

Ashleigh McRae was our youngest athlete of the day and also a first timer. I’ll be honest and say I’ve been worried for Ash for weeks about this race. Worried that she’d have a bad day and not finish; or finish and hate every minute of it. Well I was wrong on both counts. I don’t think she stopped smiling (except a little grimace on that last hill climb). Ash finished in 3:11:59 with a 25:49 swim; 2:53 T1; 1:28:36 bike; 4:06 T2; 1:10:34 run for a 30th in her age group.

Norm Prouse is a big diesel engine and looked like he was only warming up during the race. Norm finished in 3:19:06 with a 27:05 swim; 3:48 T1; 1:24:43 bike; 4:15 T2; 1:19:12 run for 62nd in the silver fox age group.

Can’t forget our team players either!!!
Abby Fraser had a cracking swim of 25:39 in her team and has threatened to do the run next time. Except that her husband Steve had that job, so must be time to get on a bike instead Abby.

Chris Hennessy has gone from zero to hero in a few weeks with a bike leg of 1:10:34 and he’s only going to get faster!

Lots of really great things to come out of the weekend and lots of obvious ways to trim time easily (transition is not for picnics people!).
So well done to everybody who participated, and the family and friends who braved the heat to cheer everybody on. It never gets said enough but the time invested by the supporters is greatly appreciated by the athletes - thank you once again!
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3 weeks ago

All the individual athletes are now away cleanly. Only teams to go. Perfect race conditions at Mooloolaba. ... See MoreSee Less

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