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SBR Triathlon holds regular training sessions, camps, special events and more. Join us for as little or as much as you like.

Performance Centre

SBR Triathlon Performance Centre is your dedicated triathlon training venue. Regardless of the weather, you can get your training done. With treadmills, wind trainers, strength and conditioning equipment, everything you need to take your triathlon training to the next level under one roof.

In addition our specialist mechanic and bike fitter is available to ensure you get the best out of your bike equipment. From fine tuning your time trial position, to race tuning your road bike, our mechanic will have you riding safely and swiftly.

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Juniors Program

Our juniors program is an introduction into the sport of triathlon which has a focus on fun and enjoyment. It enables kids to develop skills, ability and fitness in a non-competitive environment.

All juniors have access to club run training sessions which are fun and inclusive, with a focus on Triathlon skill development.

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Beginner Program

Many people are simply unsure where to start when it comes to triathlon. That’s ok, we are here to help with that!

Join a 6 week beginner course to get you on your way to completing your first triathlon, all with the support of some great new friends. There are more than 12 events in the coming months of varying distances and location, something for everyone.

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1 day ago

These two legends battled wind and sun today to check off another milestone on their way to Ironman. The whole crew has been working hard towards this epic goal and we are very proud of them all. But before we get there, we've got a heap of athletes racing Noosa triathlon this weekend. The tent will be there so come on up for a great day of racing and cheer on your fellow crew members! ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago

Thursday matter which session you attend for swimming on Thursday, you'll enjoy this session.

600 warm up as 100 swim/100 kick
300 pull buoy - 3/5 breathing pattern by 50
400 as 200 choice of drill/200 strong freestyle
6x50 - 25 fast kick/25 sharkfin drill
6x50 - w/pull buoy between ankles
6x50 - build each 50
6x50 - all strong
300 pull - 3/5 breathing pattern by 50
400 as 200 build/200 strong
Fun cool down:
50 Tarzan drill/50 dog-paddle/200 swim
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5 days ago

It's hump day so the Wednesday workouts need to get you through it. Check these out.....

AM Wind trainer session
Big Gear Intervals to improve performance on flat courses
Big warm up
5×8 minutes in a big gear with 2-minute spinning recoveries.
Aiming for 60 RPM in the TT position.

PM Run session
The Jan Frodeno
1km run reps on treadmill or outdoor
Warm-up - 10-15mins easy running with run drills focusing on technique.
Main session - 5 x 1km at your best 10km pace with 30-60secs recovery between reps.
Cool-down - Jog 10mins and stretch.

Can you handle it? I think you can.

Don't forget the tyre changing session afterwards!
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5 days ago

Want more?

How about Tuesday's sessions....

AM Long slow run session
Up to 14km run from SBR HQ but if you want something smaller and punchier, it's a loop so join us for as much or as little as you like? Rather run on the treadmill or elliptical? First in best dressed!

PM Swim session
Hypoxic breathing
300 freestyle/300 pull buoy/300 drill of your choice/300 kick
4-6×200 with pull buoy - 3/5/3/7 breathing pattern by 50
10-15×100 with 75 RACE pace / 25 easy
100 cool-down

Sound good? Of course it does. Get to these training sessions to test your endurance!
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5 days ago

Struggling for motivation to come to training? See what's on this week for some incentives to get back to squad.

PM Wind trainer brick session
Russian steps
8min per set so get ready for some repeats!
These are 100 per cent all-out efforts followed by really steady recovery. This session, despite being short, will hurt and isn’t for the faint-hearted. There will be at least 5min recovery between sets.
15sec on 45sec off
30sec on 30sec off
45sec on 15sec off
60sec on 60sec off
45sec on 15sec off
30sec on 30sec off
15sec on 45sec off

PM Core session
Butt, Belly and Thighs
Bridge 3 x 50
Reverse plank on straight arms 3 x 20
Reverse plank with alternating leg lift 3 x 10
Deep plie 3 x 30
Deep plie with heel raise 3 x 10
Skater lunge with jump 30
Russian twists with weight 3 x 30

Who's in???
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